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Description Game: Ready to destroy some cars?
Tap on cars and destroy them to collect gold bar. Complete all levels and beat the game. There are several game modes like secure the base, collecting gold bar and destroying cars against time. Every car has different strength, gold bar amount and speed. Some cars has bonus golds and some are untouchable. If you destroy an untouchable car, level will be failed.
- 12 Levels
- Turret : Collect gold bars and buy turret. Turret fires and hit cars for you. You can upgrade your gun for faster fire rate.
- Extra life : You can use extra life if you fail. It won't use any ticket. Just uses a life.
- x2 Coin : Every destroy will give you double gold bar.
- Tickets : You will use ticket to start a level, but don't worry, if you complete a mission you will take your ticket back or you can purchase tickets with your gold bars.
- Weather : Different weather modes, snowy weather, sunny weather.
- Graphics : There are 2 different graphic options. High for high end devices, low for old devices.
Game Modes
- Protect the base in time : Protect your base for given time.
- Destroy cars in time : Destroy designated amount of cars for given time.
- Collect gold bar in time : Collect gold bar for given time
- Destroy cars and protect the base : Destroy designated amount of cars and protect your base.
- Collect gold bar : Just collect designated amount of gold bars, no time limit.
How to play
- Set your graphic quality level
- Start game and select a level.
- Buy and upgrade some features.
- Start mission
- Tap on cars to destroy them.
- Destroy designated amount of cars or hold and secure your base for given time to complete levels.

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